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Show Me A Memory

Short but Sweet (or not)

Short but Sweet (or not)

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by rescued soul, being human, mitchell
While in Wales my sister introduced me to a new writing game. She provides a lost of random word prompts and I have to supply a couple of lines. It was very fun, but hampered by two factors.
1) When drinking steadily through wine my writing gets dark(ish) no! Surely not! How strange!
2) My sister was obviously influenced by her all-consuming passion for Supernatural in the words chosen and I was refusing to play ball because that way lies places I'm not prepared to go. If it starts with Win and ends in anything rhyming with zest then no. Hell no. But I was prepared to tease her a bit with tone. Hence somewhat emo-esque responses and oblique references to Gothic fiction and certain German philosophers.

Aside from that, I got through a fair bit.

The initial non-specific universe batch

They say blood is thicker than water, but it spills just as easily.

A splash of crimson on his cheek. He says it's from shaving and I wish I could believe him.

I see many faces, but most are masks.

When I talk to God all I hear are my words. Does that make me divine or damned?

The plume of smoke slowly uncoils and dissipates as it drifts from his lips. If only his lies were so easily unravelled.

If this is a dream, I tell myself, then I am in full control of my destiny. Sadly, it seems I'm self-destructive.

I want. I need. I must not have.

The green and the flowers and the new life are just to distract you from the impending storms.

Jack Daniels makes a poor mouthwash on dental grounds, but nothing else rinses out the taste.

The ticking of so many seconds, all slightly out of sync with one another. He lies in the centre of the room surrounded by time.

"People expect you to reveal the truth," he tells me. "That's why it's so easy to fool them."

Terminator Yes. She really gave me that one. Cheers babs.
You said you'll be back but I'm still waiting.

A snatch of music and I'm lost again. Seven years of escaping undone by a stanza.

There also are a batch of Undone ones and another of various universes, but both contain spoilers - vague ones that are obliquely referred to, but might tip off the more analytical readers. If anyone wants to see those too, I'll put them up in a separate post with a warning.
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