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Show Me A Memory

Flail. ... Flail. Flail. Flail. *thump*

Flail. ... Flail. Flail. Flail. *thump*

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by rescued soul, being human, mitchell
I was supposed to be finishing off the sequel to Possessions is Nine Tenths of the Law but stopped to watch Being Human and am once again dribbling. The writing! The sheer amounts of blood and killing every episode! And then ... when I'm already in love with the series, they close with omninous use of Muse. Gah ... and suddenly vampire baseball was forgotten and replaced with werewolves crawling in the mud and threatening one another and our noble vampire hero falling to the dark side. No!!!! And bizarrely for me, I am totally rooting for Mitchell and Annie following this episode.

But Lauren needs to die. Again. More permanently. And keep away from Mitchell. Cause he can deal with obsessive!Herrick, but not stalker!Lauren.

Now I must get back to writing. And sweets? I'm about a third done on my Aberystwyth script, but I need something else to call it than 'Drippy trippy'. It lacks ... gravitas. Suggestions?
  • This is when I cry for not having a UK channel of some sort... *sob* I remember when you put up the pilot, and I watched it and loved it... *sob*
    • And a Muse finish?


      • Oh you have no idea. They used Showbiz. I felt this inner squeal of joy when I recognised that thrumming intro and the way the lyrics were tying into the fact that George was facing up to the fact that he was a werewolf (and got seriously badass! George) and also Mitchell weakening in his resolve not to be a monster. I had to have a quiet lie down.

        And if you check out youtube, you'll see the five minutes prologues they posted for each character - note casting changes. To be honest, I'm liking the new Mitchell much more (points at icon) - he doesn't have the skinny aesthetic, but he's brilliant at showing the fallen hero side of Mitchell. And new Annie is more clearly not-coping-but-trying.

        I'm wanting the box set already. It's the best thing BBC have come up with since Life on Mars.
  • I suppose 'all washed up' is equally against your asthestic ;)... hmm, perhaps let me a sneaky peek and I could suggest something more appropriate?

    And I've already said it, but I'm with you on the Mitchell and Annie front. 100%. The campaign starts here.
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