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TV will eat itself

TV will eat itself

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As LJ is currently calling itself 'undead journal', I thought I'd share the latest TV obsession we're all watching at work. E4 are running a week long drama called 'Dead Set' and it's awesome. Big Brother eviction night gets crashed by zombies. Davina had her throat torn out in the first episode. It's by turns hilarious and blood-splattered. Big Brother plus zombies ... brain-dead housemates vs the living dead. Love it.

Here the link to the trailer that peaked my interest last week.
Dead Set TV trailer

Never realied how many 'fucks' you can get away with on British TV, even post-watershed. We really don't edit out anything these days...
  • <3 How are you?

    Hope everything's okay!
    • horrendously busy, but having fun. I'm flying out to Japan in two days' time which I only really started planning for on Tuesday. :S

      I have a little something for you on my home laptop actually. I'll try and post it tomorrow. ;)

      • O_O W-What? Something for me? Really? *unexpected!* O____O I'm gawping like a fish right now. And happy too.

        *gawpingly happy*
  • I hope everything's still good over there! (Just dropping by, 'cause I'm a little bit random like that)
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