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It's like a zombie film - but with neglectful ex-sometime-bloggers rather than the walking dead

It's like a zombie film - but with neglectful ex-sometime-bloggers rather than the walking dead

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by rescued soul, being human, mitchell
Cough. Cough. Splutter. Wipes the dust off. Man, I forgot I still had this thing. Having spent the last (looks at last post, winces, looks away) ... yes .. well... having spent some not inconsiderable amount of time lurking in comment fic memes (I loves me an anonymous fill) I have decided to actually started posting stuff that can be attributed to me. Which actually may not be that great an idea but nevermind...

So! Let's see how much of this posting stuff I can remember with a little braindump of what's occupying my thoughts right now:

And the love affair continues. Mine with this superb show that is, not Sherlock and John's domestic not-marriage. I was a bit concerned that after finishing series one with a cliff hanger as good as The Great Game that the new series was going to be let down, but no. Loved it. Loved the snark, the brotherly rivalry, Moriaty's love of BeeGee's ringtones, the insane pace of plotting and plot unravelling, Sherlock flouncing around the Palace in sheet and most of all, I loved Irene. Hound of the Baskervilles next week. Bring. It. On.

Continual personality profiling at work
For anyone that doesn't know me in real life, the main reason I've been away (other than being rubbish) was my decision to hunt down a better paid job in London, move up to the Big Smoke and promptly find myself totally caught up in a work culture I haven't experienced before. This is Corporate on a big scale. I'm supposed to wear suits. I have an Executive Assistant (I called her minion while I was training her up, claiming that I had misread my instructions as torment rather than mentor, but now she's become a mini redheaded version of me, I call her by her name. I have also now realised that the whole situation was a bit like Xxxholic set in a very glitzy office and there's no getting away from the fact that I appear to have grown into Yuuko). On hiring me, my boss told me I might find the culture a bit of a straitjacket. I told him that people had been telling me I needed one of those for years. This didn't stop him offering me the job or me from accepting. Make of that what you will.

The main difference in where I work now to where I worked before (other than the whole suits thing and co-workers who are closer to my age than retirement) is that everyone is constantly trying to get a read on how people are likely to behave. They analyse your body language in meetings, how you answer a phone, how you help yourself to coffee and how you interact with others. This is all apparently Very Important and something that needs focused study. Preferably with some Venn diagrams and grids to map people against.

Things came to a head when they sent me off for an entire day's worth of training when I had some important projects to work on. Not much of one for this sort of faffing about at the best of times, you can imagine how much I was looking forward to it when a colleague went on the same course and informed me it was the most pointless waste of his time. I read the prework on the four personality types (essentially slave-driver, nit-picker, shoulder to cry on or crazy artist) and informed him I was going to go in posing as a slave driver. He informed me that I'd be made for a crazy artist by the end of the day. Alcohol was placed on the outcome. We shook on it.

I wasn't subtle. We had to bring along an item that represented who were were. I took a passport, which had been one of the examples and when asked to explain my choice said it represented that while I lacked imagination, I could follow orders. I got worse. No one guessed. Everyone in the room mapped me as a slave driver. Next time I'll try switching halfway through, Jekyll and Hyde style.

Eternal Law
The new series from the team that gave us Life On Mars. Angels dumped in London to pose as lawyers from what I've gathered from the trailer. I'll watch it, but I would have changed two things myself.

1)Why Eternal Law? Why not Divine Justice?
2)Why are both of them angels? Tipping the balance a bit, aren't we? I'd have had an angel and demon - the angel would have to be the prosecutor and the demon the defence. Then you'd have also been able to work in all sorts of stuff riffing on angels of mercy / devil's advocates and generally who would be more conflicted in self vs duty when someone was innocent.

Right. Now I've got the hang of that again, I might even get around to finishing stuff to post. There's enough of it hanging around on my computer.
  • Just the thought of you posting stuff makes me giddy with glee. :)

    And gratz on the move up in the working world! Woo. While it makes lazy ol' biddies like me cringe (gah, I love my job security and refuse to let the military kick me out for 9 more years - then it's off to the rat race once again), it sure sounds exciting for you.

    Welcome back to LJ! (snerk)

    Just when I was about to give up on LJ completely!

    *SO HAPPY*

    Oh my gosh, I'm - speechless! YAY! *hugs*

    Phew. Once the excitement fades, I am going to actually read the rest of this post. But first - freak out!
    • Moving up in the corporate world? Ambitious and courageous! Were you intimidated at first or were you confident in your ability to keep up? Or am I misinterpreting this? Because on the American East Coast, 'corporate' is synonymous to crushing the souls of your competition and ruthlessness in clawing your way up to the top. So, you know, I'm not sure I'm working on the same page as you. *laughs* Still - it's exciting! I really thought you dropped off the face of the earth, but you were doing awesome stuff the entire time!

      (Are the other two things you're talk about TV shows? I don't watch TV very often...)

      I'm glad you dropped an update on things. I hope you continue to do so :)

      (And wow, LJ's interface got a little fancy. It's been a long time since I've been on here...)
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