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Show Me A Memory

This is to convince myself I am doing Something

This is to convince myself I am doing Something

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It started snowing yesterday. For those of you previously only aware of the UK through the lies of television - this is rare in the South East. Especially when it's more than a light dusting that melts away within an hour.

It is still snowing now. I am officially snowed-in and cannot get to work. All my work is, unsurprisingly, at work. My boss is on holiday this week. My colleagues and I have all been phoning one another and none of them have made it in either. My laptop and notebook are at work and the meeting I'm supposed to be driving to up North is now cancelled as most of the motorways are closed or full of accidents. As are all the backroads. I have watched no less than four cars attempt and fail to make their way along my road from the window. All traffic reports are staying to not even attempt driving unless you absolutely have to.

All this means...

I get to stay at home and play! With no guilty conscience!

*runs off to make a snowman* <= seriously. There's enough snow to make snowmen!!!

I'll do some writing later. First; play!
  • Well I'm glad that at least someone enjoy the weather. Because around here (dorset) we don't have enough snow for much except make the school close which mean that I was stuck home with the two children of my home-family (I'm an au-pair) most of the day and let me tell you that it wasn't much fun. Hopefully school will resume tomorrow (it has to, I won't survive another day T_T)
  • I hate you sooooooooooo much!
    There is still no snow here and my pyscho housemate managed to make it down the M6 so is messing up the home that Becca and I spent all Sunday cleaning. *stamps her foot and throws a tantrum. IT'S NO FAIR! Still, hiding in my room means I'm keeping up my end of our bargin... where is this writing of which you speak? Hmmmm?
    For my sanity if nothing else.
  • Hehe, have fun. :D

    South-Eastern Australia is currently in the middle of a heat wave, so I shall sit here sweltering and envy you.
  • That is so different than my winter experiences that it makes my face go like this: :O!!! It is snowing right now! It has been snowing for almost 24 hours now. We got a snow day last week and some close calls right before that. (The snow is a relief because that means it's around 30°F, whereas it was down to about 2° about three, three and a half weeks ago. How cold does it get all away across the ocean, where you live?)

    Have fun in your snowy bliss!
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