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Random burble #568

Random burble #568

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Yes! I have remembered how to post. Oooh, it's been a while. I'm not dead - just horribly overworked, but I have a week of slacking until the next contract lands and am currently in the good books for writing/editing some big value stuff. So I fully intend to start trying creative writing at work before constant reading documents without a single correct use of an apostrophe sends me mental. And THAT was from the consultants who wanted us to hire them. My boss deliberately gave it to me to watch my reaction. :( How mean.
I have also decided that television is not simply something that exists to provide a screen for my gaming and taken up with watching Lost in Austen. For anyone not watching it ... it's a bit like First Person Perspective with Pride and Prejudice. Amanda Price (modern, normal girl in London and big fan of P&P) and Elizabeth Bennet swapped places. Amanda didn't panic about this at first as ... hey, everyone knows the plot of P&P so she'll be able to keep things ticking over until Lizzie gets back.
Oh my god! Caroline Bingley is a lesbian! BINGLEY is now an alcoholic, unable to deal with the fact that JANE married MR COLLINS. Unless someone murders Mr Collins so the newly widowed Jane can marry Bingley before he runs off with Lydia, that's not getting fixed. Darcy ... nearly redeemed himself, but fucked it up again. And Charolotte Lucas ran away to become a missionary in Africa but she was always a boring character.
My big thing about this series is Wickham. He's totally the hero - in a modern sort of way. He clocked Amanda for what she was straight away as he's the same, but when she got thrown out of Longbourne following the Jane/Mr Collins fiasco, he stepped up to help her - got her kitted out in an amazing wardrobe and taught her how to fake society. AND he refused Georgiana and let everyone lie about him to save her reputation! Plus I like his sense of humour. He's very dry and doesn't really care how people perceive him. If Amanada has any sense, she'll end up teaming up with Wickham and the pair of them can sort everyone else out (which is what he's been doing through reverse psychology and quiet behind-the-scenes-machinations throughout). Perhaps they can set up the first ever Priory so Bingley can dry out?
But yeah ... loving this.

Other than that ... yeah, not dead. Must catch up with everything on lj now. Everyone doing good?
  • You know, I was thinking about you the other day. "Hmm, you know, I wonder how Raz is doing... It's been really long since she last posted..." And bam! Now you post! So glad you're alive. ^_- We can be overworked together!

    And what your boss did was mean. ^_^;
    • Sadly I have developed a reputation at work for being something of a grammar pedant. Mainly as I'm the only person in the building with a literature degree. ^^ I also am known for being a bit liberal with the teasing and dry humour so people are now deliberately provoking me to see how long before I forget the polite indifferent facade that is so typical of British business. Seriously, though, my job is a lot of fun ... it's just very time-consuming. ^^;;;
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