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January 2nd, 2012

Cough. Cough. Splutter. Wipes the dust off. Man, I forgot I still had this thing. Having spent the last (looks at last post, winces, looks away) ... yes .. well... having spent some not inconsiderable amount of time lurking in comment fic memes (I loves me an anonymous fill) I have decided to actually started posting stuff that can be attributed to me. Which actually may not be that great an idea but nevermind...

So! Let's see how much of this posting stuff I can remember with a little braindump of what's occupying my thoughts right now:
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March 24th, 2009

Short but Sweet (or not)

by rescued soul, being human, mitchell
While in Wales my sister introduced me to a new writing game. She provides a lost of random word prompts and I have to supply a couple of lines. It was very fun, but hampered by two factors.
1) When drinking steadily through wine my writing gets dark(ish) no! Surely not! How strange!
2) My sister was obviously influenced by her all-consuming passion for Supernatural in the words chosen and I was refusing to play ball because that way lies places I'm not prepared to go. If it starts with Win and ends in anything rhyming with zest then no. Hell no. But I was prepared to tease her a bit with tone. Hence somewhat emo-esque responses and oblique references to Gothic fiction and certain German philosophers.

Aside from that, I got through a fair bit.

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There also are a batch of Undone ones and another of various universes, but both contain spoilers - vague ones that are obliquely referred to, but might tip off the more analytical readers. If anyone wants to see those too, I'll put them up in a separate post with a warning.

February 8th, 2009

A rumour has just reached my ears that once again Jane Austen's well-loved tome 'Pride and Prejudice' has fallen in the clutches of those intending to add a new spin to a classic. We've have the Choose Your Own adventure spin-off, and the Relationship Guide. TV gave us the excellent 'Lost in Austen' to cover the self-insert genre. Now we have...
Jane Austen and the Living Dead
It could well be a hoax, but there is apparently a forthcoming title called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which will feature Jane Austen's original text with additional scenes in which Elizabeth fends off hordes of the undead. The part of my sense of humour that tends to make more sane people weep really, really wants this to be true. Though I don't know how it matches up to my imagination. I mean, I can just picture the scenes
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You know what? I would pay up to read zombies crashing the Netherfield ball.

February 2nd, 2009

It started snowing yesterday. For those of you previously only aware of the UK through the lies of television - this is rare in the South East. Especially when it's more than a light dusting that melts away within an hour.

It is still snowing now. I am officially snowed-in and cannot get to work. All my work is, unsurprisingly, at work. My boss is on holiday this week. My colleagues and I have all been phoning one another and none of them have made it in either. My laptop and notebook are at work and the meeting I'm supposed to be driving to up North is now cancelled as most of the motorways are closed or full of accidents. As are all the backroads. I have watched no less than four cars attempt and fail to make their way along my road from the window. All traffic reports are staying to not even attempt driving unless you absolutely have to.

All this means...

I get to stay at home and play! With no guilty conscience!

*runs off to make a snowman* <= seriously. There's enough snow to make snowmen!!!

I'll do some writing later. First; play!

February 1st, 2009

I was supposed to be finishing off the sequel to Possessions is Nine Tenths of the Law but stopped to watch Being Human and am once again dribbling. The writing! The sheer amounts of blood and killing every episode! And then ... when I'm already in love with the series, they close with omninous use of Muse. Gah ... and suddenly vampire baseball was forgotten and replaced with werewolves crawling in the mud and threatening one another and our noble vampire hero falling to the dark side. No!!!! And bizarrely for me, I am totally rooting for Mitchell and Annie following this episode.

But Lauren needs to die. Again. More permanently. And keep away from Mitchell. Cause he can deal with obsessive!Herrick, but not stalker!Lauren.

Now I must get back to writing. And sweets? I'm about a third done on my Aberystwyth script, but I need something else to call it than 'Drippy trippy'. It lacks ... gravitas. Suggestions?

January 12th, 2009

Is Nothing Sacred?

And as I'm still awake despite having stupid levels of work to get through tomorrow, I thought I'd share my favourite news story of the year so far. Finally, it seems, there is going to be a definitive answer to that age-old question 'Is there a God?' And who will be answering this question? The Advertising Standards Agency

You see, as part of a campaign to prove that Atheism is an equally valid point of view as any other religion, a number of posters have been placed on the side of British buses. They read: "There's probably no God. So stop worrying and get on with enjoying your life."

Unsurprisingly, this has not gone down well with everyone. Specifically the vocal Christain groups who spend their time picketing Jerry Springer the Opera. They have made a large number of complaints to the ASA stating that the adverts break the law through making claims that cannot be substantiated. So now ASA has to rule whether that is the case.

Does anyone else find this as hilarious as I do?

For Sixpence

As even a cold-hearted thing like me is now feeling guilty about Undone ... I've written you a fairytale of the Unseelie Court. Look closely and you might feel like making a few guesses about the main event. ;)

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October 28th, 2008

TV will eat itself

As LJ is currently calling itself 'undead journal', I thought I'd share the latest TV obsession we're all watching at work. E4 are running a week long drama called 'Dead Set' and it's awesome. Big Brother eviction night gets crashed by zombies. Davina had her throat torn out in the first episode. It's by turns hilarious and blood-splattered. Big Brother plus zombies ... brain-dead housemates vs the living dead. Love it.

Here the link to the trailer that peaked my interest last week.
Dead Set TV trailer

Never realied how many 'fucks' you can get away with on British TV, even post-watershed. We really don't edit out anything these days...

September 23rd, 2008


Somebody needs to make me a badge or a sign that says in nice big letters "You're at work, three second reply clause no longer counts" or possibly "Professional situation! Serious face now :D"

I get back from lunch to find one of the company managers has been in and left a series of post-its on my desk saying "Sarah's not here - fill in at meeting. Btw this is now". He also helpfully labelled my banana. So I grab an A4 pad and bomb it down to the meeting room where he is and don't really register who else is there. Convo goes as follows.
Me (complete flurry of balancing pen, coffee and paper as I get sat down and ready to start): Sorry I was late, giving blood. 0:)
Keith (the manager): Doesn't the company make you give enough already?
Me: Ah, but the NHS give me keyrings and orange squash. It's enough to turn a girl's head. Though not enough to pass out - I leave that to other people.
Third voice: What?

I realise that two heads of department are in the room. The one that had just spoken is the very same person I was teasing a few weeks back before realising who he was.

Why oh why don't they send out ACCURATE mug-shots of the people I have to behave around!

Sigh. Anyhoo, I want to write drabbles. So I shall potter away elsewhere now.

September 17th, 2008

Random burble #568

Yes! I have remembered how to post. Oooh, it's been a while. I'm not dead - just horribly overworked, but I have a week of slacking until the next contract lands and am currently in the good books for writing/editing some big value stuff. So I fully intend to start trying creative writing at work before constant reading documents without a single correct use of an apostrophe sends me mental. And THAT was from the consultants who wanted us to hire them. My boss deliberately gave it to me to watch my reaction. :( How mean.
I have also decided that television is not simply something that exists to provide a screen for my gaming and taken up with watching Lost in Austen. For anyone not watching it ... it's a bit like First Person Perspective with Pride and Prejudice. Amanda Price (modern, normal girl in London and big fan of P&P) and Elizabeth Bennet swapped places. Amanda didn't panic about this at first as ... hey, everyone knows the plot of P&P so she'll be able to keep things ticking over until Lizzie gets back.
...Spoilers for how well that plan wentCollapse )
Other than that ... yeah, not dead. Must catch up with everything on lj now. Everyone doing good?
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